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Between Books and Paradises: Christina Rivera Garza, Christine Dwyer Hickey & Begoña Oro

The 2020 ISLA festival celebrates Irish, Spanish and Latin American literature. At this event they bring together three outstanding women writers to read aloud some of their more recent works. They will reveal their individual paradises and recommend some readings for us to dive into the Irish and Hispanic literature. Available to watch online Thursday 15th October at 5pm
The Mexican writer Cristina Rivera Garza is the author of The Taiga Syndrome, longlisted for the International DUBLIN Literary Award 2020. Christine Dwyer Hickey, Irish writer which book Tatty is One City One Book 2020. Begoña Oro, Spanish writer of Children and YA literature and creator of the character Rasi the squirrel, adds the perfect final touch to this event.
This event can be watched online for free here

See here for more details about the writersísos:-cristina-rivera-garza/135735


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