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City of Books Podcast featuring Lisa McInerney

From gender reassignment to Lady Gregory, and from reflections on social in Ireland to the challenges of writing for television – a conversation with Lisa McInerney covers a lot of ground.
The Glorious Heresies author also talks about how she was raised by her grandparents, who adopted her after her birth mother had her at the age of 20.
It meant her mother was legally her sister, and the multi-award-winning author questions why the State retained the concept of illegitimacy until the late 1980s.
But having a strong, loving grandmother has given a template for robust female characters with an instinct for survival – showcased again in the latest and final part of her trilogy, The Rules of Revelation.
Lisa has adapted her Heresies trilogy for a television series and, while Covid-19 has delayed it, she hopes it will soon be back in track, she tells Martina Devlin in an interview with the City of Books podcast.


More here on The Rules of Revelation, which maps present day Ireland as experienced by a group of people on the fringes of society in Cork:
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