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Barcelona City of Literature – Grants for Writers

Barecelona UNESCO City of Literature has announced grants for writers and playwrights.

Started in 2017, the Montserrat Roig writing grants are for writers in any genre (narrative, poetry, non fiction) and in any language  (catalan, spanish, english, french…) which have published at least 1 book (or premiered 1 play, in the case of the playwrights). Form application 2022 until the 27th of January.

Started in 2019, the Carme Montoriol grants, are for playwrights in any language (catalan, spanish, english, french…) who have had at least 1 play premiered in a theatre. Form application 2022 ended.

Both grants offer the possibility to work during 2 months in a private space of a singular cultural equipment in the city and an amount of 3.000€.

Every year, 20 Montserrat Roig grants and 4 Carme Montoriol grants are awarded, divided into 2 shifts of 12 grants each. 


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