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“City of Books” Podcast Episode 2 with Marian Keyes

Happy Valentine’s Day to readers everywhere. As a Valentine’s present from Dublin City Libraries, we’re excited to announce that the one and only Marian Keyes has recorded an interview for our City of Books podcast, available on February 14th.

It’s wise, witty, candid and revealing. In it, Marian talks about everything from why she believes in supporting other women, to why one of the books she recommends is “a call to arms” – a reminder to women to own their sexual urges and not surrender themselves to men.



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Marian, whose latest novel Grown Ups has been garnering enthusiastic reviews, has plenty to say on a range of subjects in this fascinating interview.

  • On period poverty: “If men got periods sanitary products would be free.”
  • On sexism: It damages everyone. “Individual men are really suffering from this very narrow, strict template that they are told to fit themselves inside… they have to present as unhurtable, unwoundable – it’s no surprise that we have such a high male rate of suicide.”
  • On eating disorders: “Probably the most painful of all the addictions because you cannot separate yourself from your drug of choice.” Food is all around and if you don’t engage with it you won’t stay alive, she adds.
  • On reading women writers: “It’s a political choice.” She says female writers need support because they do not receive the review coverage or bookshop support that men do. “Novels written by men are automatically given more weight. I just want to support women,” says Marian.
  • On direct provision: she is “deeply ashamed” of the system: “I just think it is so cruel and unnecessary.” Irish people suffered when they emigrated, she reminds us.
  • On how writing has given her a community: “By writing about disconnection I’ve connected.”

Also on City of Books, librarian Jackie Lynam offers listeners some advance pointers on the wide-ranging One City One Book programme featuring Christine Dwyer Hickey’s memorable novel Tatty. It runs throughout the month of April at venues around Dublin.

City of Books is a monthly podcast brought to you by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature and Dublin City Libraries in association with MOLI, the Museum of Literature Ireland.

For more information on Grown Ups by Marian Keyes, follow this link: