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Heidelberg UNESCO City of Literature 3 Month Artist/Writer’s Residency


Residents of Dublin and other UNESCO Cities of Literature are invited to apply for a Writer/Artist Residency in Dilsberg, provided by Heidelberg UNESCO of Literature.
Candidates have the possibility to apply as team of two artists (grant holder and co-fellow) as 2 sleeping rooms are available (individual application is necessary).
The co-recipient should also have his/her own artistic expertise, which has not necessarily to be in the literary field (could be translation for instance, but also such as music, visual arts, performing arts, film, etc.).
Both artistic personalities have to demonstrate an artistic or interdisciplinary cooperation and should be personally well acquainted to each other. While the grant holder has to, it is not essential that the co-grantee is coming from a UNESCO City of Literature.
The co-grantee will be provided with the same financial resources as the grant holder.
The artists in residence share a kitchenette and a bathroom in the fully furnished apartment.
The apartment is unfortunately not accessible for disabled persons.
Total value max. € 3,750 per person:
Subsistence allowance of € 1,350 per person (€ 15 per day)
Monthly allowance/pocket money of € 750 per person
Additional benefits
Travel allowance (international flights, economy class) of up to € 1,000
Public transportation ticket for the Rhine-Neckar public transport network (VRN) limited to the duration of the stay
Application requirements
Kitchenette (Photo: Kulturstiftung Rhein-Neckar-Kreis)
Registered residence in a UNESCO City of literature (main grant holder)
Publication of at least one book (prose, essay, narration, poetry, etc.) by an official/independent publisher (main grant holder)
Good to very good knowledge of German and/or English language.
Willingness to participate in local literary life (Dilsberg or Heidelberg) e.g. talks with protagonist of the regional literary scene arranged by the grant donors.
Further details and to apply:…/writers+in+residence…

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