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New Episode – City of Books Podcast with Colum McCann

Described as a once-in-a-generation novel, Colum McCann’s latest book is something he calls a hybrid: “It does blur the line between fiction and non-fiction but it’s honest,” he says.

In an interview with the City of Books podcast, the multi-award-winning writer talks about his hope that the book, Apeirogon, may contribute to peace in the West Bank because it makes space for both the Israeli and Palestinian perspectives. It fictionalises the true story of two fathers, an Israeli and a Palestinian, who each lose a child in the conflict.

Elsewhere in the interview, Colum admits he can’t write poetry but is drawn to it, talks about writers he has known including Frank McCourt, and describes it felt to sit in the classroom as a teacher read aloud from one of his father’s children’s books about a young soccer star called Georgie Goode – modelled on George Best. He also reads from his novel.

City of Books is supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature and Dublin City Libraries in association with MOLI, the Museum of Literature Ireland. It is produced and presented by Martina Devlin.

:: Apeirogon is published by Bloomsbury


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