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National Emerging Writer Programme

What is the National Emerging Writer Programme?

Have you always wanted to write a book but don’t know how to start? The National Emerging Writers Programme, aims to encourage new writing talent from all parts of the country by providing expert advice on DVD and online from some of Ireland’s best known and internationally successful writers.

Hear Carlo Gébler discuss Starting to Write, Sinéad Moriarty talk about Telling the Story and Declan Hughes giving tips on Revising, Rewriting and Overcoming Obstacles.


The DVDs are available to borrow from libraries nationwide or access the content below via YouTube . The DVD is also available to purchase from Amazon.

The National Emerging Writers Programme is a Dublin UNESCO City of Literature project which has been developed in association with and is funded by Dept. Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a completely new writer or a writer who has been working on a project or projects for some time, you will find tips and invaluable advice in these programmes. Available worldwide, you don’t have to be Irish to benefit from the expertise of our authors.

The Programme

Getting Started:

Reading Is Essential
Creating A Structure For Your Story
Setting Achievable Goals
Start At The Beginning
Developing Character
The Importance Of Change
Write Every Day
Consider Joining A Writers Group
Key Points To Remember

Telling The Story:

Developing Your Idea
Writing Your First Draft
Developing Your Voice
Which Point Of View And Tense Should You Use?
Making Your Characters Come To Life
How Many Characters?
Plotting And Planning
Approaches To Creating A Structure
Keeping The Story Moving
Write What You Know?
Approaches To Research
Making Your Characters Talk
Bringing Your Story To Life
Listen To Your Subconscious
Telling The Story: Essential Points

Revising And Rewriting:

Making Time To Write
It’s Not Easy – Writers’ Block?
Writing Is Rewriting
Overcoming Problems
Some Final Tips

Where do I find the support materials?
Additional support materials including our authors’ recommendations for books that you can read in order to develop your writing are available from