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Tartu City of Literature residency – Call for 2024 applications


Tartu is the second largest town of Estonia but is widely considered its intellectual capital – vitally significant in developing the educational system, culture, science and literature in the Estonian language. In 2015 Tartu was designated UNESCO City of Literature, further enhancing
the vibrant literary scene. Tartu City of Literature residency program aims to increase international exchange and communication, contribute to the mobility of writers and translators, offer a creative and inspiring environment, and provide writers an opportunity to introduce their
work to Estonian readers. The programme is open to all writers and translators (translating from Estonian to other languages) from across the world, who meet the criteria.

This call is for a 2-month residency period April-May 2024. One applicant will be selected.
The deadline for applications is February 20th. The results will be announced by March 4th at the latest.

The announcement will be published on Tartu City of Literature website and Facebook page.
What we offer:
● 2-month stay at the Karl Ristikivi residency apartment
● A scholarship of 600 euros per month
● Compensation for travel costs to and from Tartu up to 350 euros
● An opportunity to get engaged in the cultural scene of Tartu and to perform at different events, including Tartu International Literary Festival Prima Vista taking place May 6th-12th 2024.
● A contact person who is responsible for making arrangements for performances,
meetings and tours and helps to engage in the local literary life
How to apply:
● Fill in the online application form available HERE
● Please upload a fragment (up to 5 pages) of a published text (in Estonian or English) or a fragment of a published translation (from Estonian into another language) in the respective section of the form.

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Additional information:

Marja Unt
Estonian Literary Society/Tartu UNESCO City of Literature focal point

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